Nokia E90 Communicator – Communicate Smartly

By | May 21, 2023

The Nokia E90 Communicator is a top-notch handset from the lineage of Nokia. It packs an impressive array of features into a sleek stainless steel body. The E90 offers communication, entertainment as well as personal productivity tools in one splendid package. The dual ergonomic keypad and wide screen of the handset attracts the users the most. The E90 provides the users with a mobile office in their pockets. One could say that the E-series of the Nokia comprises of complete gadgets having advanced 3G features and high-end multimedia capabilities.

For its updated and high-tech features, the Nokia E90 is also known as communicator. It is a 3G smartphone that comes integrated with some of the latest technologies such as GPS, a digital camera, an e-mail attachment editor and comprehensive connectivity options. The users can enjoy features on the dual 16 million colour screen. Moreover, the E90 is empowered with a Symbian OS version 9.2 operating system complete with S60 platform edition 3.1. With its advanced features, the Nokia E90 is high on any user’s wish list.

In its closed and upright position, the E90 measures 132 x 57 x 20mm and weighs 210 grams. The E90 communicator is the ‘ideal’ companion for all the business users or professionals who need high quality technologies for accessing the business applications, even on the move. The E90 comes with 128 MB of internal memory which can be upgraded by adding memory card of 2 GB.

The built-in high quality 3.2 megapixel camera can be used for capturing each and every shot to perfection. This digital camera is well equipped with still and video capabilities. In addition, the E90 supports a built-in music player, FM radio and media player. The built-in music player allows the users to experience MP3 and AAC music playback. The smartphone guides the users to locate places of interest easily, with the help of embedded GPS technology. It also supports a map application.

The Nokia E90 communicator is empowered with connectivity options as well. With the help of 3G and HSDPA mobile broadband, the users can browse the Internet and transfer the images or video files at a high speed. The cabled USB connection and wireless Bluetooth technology can be used for connecting or transferring the files to other compatible devices as well. This E90 is compatible with quad-band networks and ensures seamless connectivity to its users, even across national boundaries.